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All Quiet on the Western Front


Author Bio
WWI History
The Movie

Paul Baumer:  Paul is the main character of this novel. He is a young German soldier fighting in World War I. Remarque uses this character to portray his own feelings about the war. Inside Paul is a kind, sensitive and compassionate young man, but the war forces him to act and feel differently. Paul like many other soldiers learns to disconnect them-selves from their feeling to keep his emotions at bag to remain sane and survive.


Stanislaus Katczinsky:  Kat is also a soldier in the war, and Paul’s best friend in the army. Being forty years of age he is an older and wiser then Paul and his classmates. He is very resourceful, intelligent and inventive man who always manages to find food, blankets and other things when the men need them.


Albert Kropp: Kropp is one of Paul’s classmates and closest friend. He is an intellectual and feels very strongly against the war, these feeling lead to many key points in the novel against war.


Detering: Detering is a German farmer who is in the Second Company with Paul and his comrades. Towards the end of the novel Detering sees a cherry tree in bloom and becomes hopelessly homesick; not to mention he was suffering from shell shock. Finally he decides it is time to return home and ditches, he is caught and the men never hear of him again. The penalty for ditching in those times was death. The irony that Remarque shows us in this is rude and cryptic. Detering fought many years for the country he loved, the country he was homesick from and he died a traitor to his nation.


Corporal Himmelstoss: Before the war Corporal Himmelstoss was a postman. He is a very power-hungry short man who torments Paul and his gang of friends. Finally when Himmelstoss experiences the horror of the front he tries to make amends with the young men.


Muller: Muller is also a classmate of Paul’s; he’s a very practical and stubborn young man.


Tjaden: Tjaden is a classmate and friend of the boys. He is very big eater but very skinny and is very stingy.


Kantorek: Kantorek is Paul and his classmate’s patriotic professor from back home. He shows the reader how ridiculous and untrue patriotism is and how untrue the propaganda of war really is.


Kemmerich: Kemmerich is classmate of Paul’s and also one of his closest friends. In the beginning of the novel Kemmerich is in the hospital and soon dies. In his death and his boots we see how minute the human life is worth.


Haie: Haie was in the Second Company with the other boys and a friend to them all. His wife back home was admired by all the boys; she was a very pretty woman. 


Leer:  A classmate of Paul and the others. He was an amazing mathematician and he was good with the ladies.