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All Quiet on the Western Front

WWI History

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WWI History
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The First World War took place in between 1914 and 1918 in Europe from France to deep into Russia to as far south as Gallipoli and Constantinople.  The war put Germany and Austria Hungary against England, Russia, France and later on Italy.  Out of the many causes for this war there was the constant dislike that the European nations had for each other (France and Germany had had previous conflicts), the long winding trail of Alliance (Serbia - Russia, Austria-Hungary – Germany, Russia – France – England), the deep interest in the Balkans from many of the European powers, and the Balkan states want for their Nationality.  However, more directly you can link the German aggression and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand to the start of the war.

They called this “The War to end all Wars” for good reason.  It was a ghastly war.  The invention of things like mustard gas, trench warfare, the developing technology of long-ranged firearms, machine guns and shells made the casualties of this war so high.  In total there were about 8,600,000 dead, 21,000,000 wounded and 7,750,000 missing or taken prisoner.  On top of that there was a total of 186,222,637,000 USD spent on the war, 125,690,477,000$ spent from the Allied Powers and 60,643,160,000$ spent from the Central Powers on everything from arms to repair costs.  The majority of these losses were from the Western front and the war fought on French and Belgium soil but a large part also came from the poorly armed and directed Russians who had lost 1,700,000 men.


The Germans finally signing an armistice with the Americans officially ended the war on November 11, 1918.  The Treaty of Versailles wasn’t signed until June 28 1919, along with it came the treaties signed by the other central powers, the Treaties of St. Germain, Trianon, Neuilly, and Sèvres, signed by Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottomans respectively.

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